First off, the Pair O’ Dice Role-Playing Game Kickstarter campaign was a success. Thank you to everyone who pledged and supported GeekPunk Games’ efforts to create a new and rules light role-playing game utilizing only two regular six-sided dice. So if it was a success, why is there another crowdfunding campaign for the Pair O’ Dice Role-Playing Game? Fair question.

The first crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter was part of a special promotion called All In One (or #Allin1) which had specific guidelines. One of which, was that the campaign could only run for one week. And while the POD RPG Kickstarter campaign did well enough to earn nearly $1,000 in funding, a lot of interested parties found out about the campaign after it had expired and it was too late to pledge.

So we’re running a second crowdfunding campaign for those that missed out on the first one. Simple as that. And this time it is on IndieGoGo. Since the initial funding goal was already achieved, there is no pressure this time around. A number of would-be supporters asked us how they could partake in the “Lifelong Pod People Pledge” and receive POD RPG supplements or life (or until the end of time — whichever comes first) for the low price deal that we were offering. So we’re offering those folks a second chance to jump on board. Also, there were a number of stretch goals that weren’t unlocked due to the short nature of the Kickstarter campaign’s run. This second crowdfunding campaign with IndieGoGo gives backers more time to unlock those stretch goals — a whole month this time around. And, what about the backers of the first campaign? Whatever stretch goals are unlocked this time around will be rewarded to backers of the original campaign.

So that’s it in a nutshell (or relatively short blog post). The current Pair O’ Dice Role-Playing Game IndieGoGo campaign is a continuation of sorts of the first crowdfunding campaign — more time for backers to get in on a great deal and stretch goals to be unlocked.

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For over five years, the Pair O’ Dice Role-Playing Game concept has been rolling around in my head (pun intended). It’s finally time to roll the dice — so to speak.

The Pair O’ Dice Role-Playing Game is designed to be played with only a standard set of dice — two six-sided dice. No pouch of various polyhedrons needed here. Just swipe a pair of good ol’ fashion dice out of one of the board games tucked away in the linen closet. And while the dice required are minimum, the game itself is not limited. The POD RPG utilizes variations of familiar mechanics of old school role-playing games, while at the same time minimizing a lot of the crunch that can sometimes get in the way of playing a good story.

The Pair O’ Dice Role-Playing Game is not a “story telling” game. It’s a bonafide role-playing game with all of the elements that players like: character attributes, skill checks, combat, and of course… dice rolling. There may be more “realistic” role-playing game systems out there, but is that why you really play role-playing games? The POD RPG system takes a more cinematic approach for more thrills and chills — which is why you play role-playing games in the first place. Right?

The Pair O’ Dice Role-Playing Game is perfect for the one-off spur of the moment game (because someone in the group didn’t show up or the game master is unprepared) or even an ongoing campaign that doesn’t rely on the trappings of cumbersome rules and components.

This is a very short Kickstarter campaign. In fact, it ends on Tuesday, March 21st at 3:45 PDT. So… If you’re interested don’t delay. And did I mention that you can get the basic guide book (PDF) for only two bucks? Not only that, but this campaign is offering the opportunity to get every Pair O’ Dice Role-Playing Game product produced and published by GeekPunk Games until the end of time for one low price of $12.


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