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Crosswell: Junction To Adventure

Time to get out of the dungeon and enjoy the pleasures of rural living…

Crosswell: Junction to Adventure offers twelve establishments and locations, each with unique characters and stories, found at the crossroads of two well-traveled routes used by adventurers seeking fortune and glory.

Crosswell is a small hamlet nestled within a minor grove of trees in central Gondra. The natural progression of travelers between the more dominant settlements of Gondra developed two perpendicular roads that converged at the location of a natural spring. The crossing of the two trade routes, the presence of a water supply, and the cover of the small woodland provided a logical choice for a settlement.

Crosswell: Junction to Adventure is for use with any role-playing system. While designed with a fantasy flare, with a bit of tinkering the establishments presented here can be used for any role-playing game setting–futuristic, post-apocalyptic, etc. Since Crosswell is a generic role-playing aid, no game system-specific statistics are provided for non-player characters or situations. General descriptive terms are provided to aid game masters in determining how to best fit the provided material into their own game.



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